How to start a real estate business

How to start a real estate business

Starting any business requires a lot of work, commitments training and patience. Starting a real estate business is a long process that can take up to two years. Before starting a real estate company, you need to have been a licensed broker, and licensed agent. With these two qualifications, you can be in a position to start your own business entity. In this case, a business loan might be something which you need, read more about business loans here.

Plan it out

The first step you take is planning out everything. Just like any other business, real estate is a vast field with numerous aspects. A business plan is guaranteed to make your business more successful. Planning your business will give you an idea of how much you will need to start the business, set your goals and make your idea valid. The purpose of a business plan is to formalize your ideas and goals and creating a document you can provide to investors and lenders. A good plan will determine the financial support you will get from other business investors and other business like BingoLoans. If you are unsure of your plan, get advice from people with experience in running the real estate industry. Planning will also give you confidence in moving to the next step


Doing market research is important to know whether your business idea has the potential to strive. Before starting the business, make sure you research the area to know the potential of your growth. A real-world experience like surveying a real estate in different areas will guide you on where to place your market. Early market research saves you time and money. Extensive market research will give you an idea of what to expect from the target market you have picked. If the market is undesirable, you can change the location and create a new business plan.


The branding of your real estate agency builds credibility and attracts consumers. The way you brand your company will determine its market potential and reputation. The main purpose is to create an idea of what your business is all about. The first step is to create a real estate logo that will be catchy and memorable. Influence your brand through advertisements, campaigns and press releases. Make sure you are friendly and informative when you’re dealing with potential clients. Set yourself apart from the competition by making it personal, reliable and different.


Make your business legal. Register your business and take an exam to become officiated in the real estate business.  You need a small amount of money to start your business. Got your finances and set up your real estate shop. Your set up should fit the budget you made while creating a plan. Find a flexible business location and hire the right employees. Be thorough about choosing the people you work with, their reputation is a representation of your company.

Online Presence

Market your company regularly and maintaining an online presence. Most people find out about businesses through the internet. Create a website and social account to engage with people who may be your potential clients. Put up advertisements on billboards and commercials to reach more people. When you have done all this to perfection, invest more, be patient and watch your business grow.


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Common mistakes when buying a home and how to avoid them

Buying a Home

Shopping for a home can be expensive, exciting and tiring. When investing in a new home, buyers tend to look for the cheapest methods possible in order to save a few pounds. Some buyers may not be familiar with the process of purchasing a new home and they end up making mistakes that could have been avoided. You should be aware that professionals know the most information on real estate. So, perhaps that is something which you need to be able to get the best deals. Although a professional might be out of your budget, they will probably be able to save you a huge sum of money throughout the whole process. But, that’s if you get one which is reliable and worth it. If you need some extra money quick to be able to afford a professional, why not consider a personal, unsecured loan?


Taking a risky loan is a common mistake home ‘investors’ make. Before taking a loan, talk to a loan officer or a mortgage broker on the different types of loans you can take. Mortgage loans are different according to the situation and person. If you are not educated on the type of loan to take, you may end up taking a loan that is too costly. Please understand that different loans have different purposes. So, this means that you might find a great deal for one type of loan but it isn’t right for what you need. The two most common loans people use in this situation are personal, an unsecured loan and a mortgage loan. BingoLoans are a credit broker who can help you get your hands on a loan almost instantly. Find out more about an unsecured loan using the link in the paragraph above.


Skipping on inspecting the new home is a common mistake among home buyers. A home inspection may not be a requirement for new homeowners and some sellers can indirectly discourage any necessity for an inspection.  Without inspecting the house, you may be signing up for risks. The wiring, foundation, roof, plumbing can be a bit problematic in an old house. The inspection will give you an opportunity to identify these problems. As well as agree on solutions with the buyer before closing a deal


Buyers tend to limit their search to one area. When you limit yourself to one house, you may end up buying an expensive house which you could have bought at a cheaper rate in other areas. Shopping around and visiting several properties multiple times can have its benefits. Multiple properties will give you a chance to buy a property within your budget without having to go out of pocket. Looking at several houses in different areas gives you an opportunity to choose one with your liking in design, style and area.

Most buyers believe they don’t need a real estate agent when looking for a house. It is much cheaper to surf the internet for available houses and deal with the seller yourself.  Investing in hiring an agency can help prevent some of the problems that come with buying a new home. A real estate will guide you through getting the right house, to fixing problems of homes you want to purchase.


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Why Do Houses Sell Better In The Spring?

personal loan

Why Do Houses Sell Better In The Spring?

When you begin your journey of selling your home it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and move too quickly. However, one of the main factors you have to consider whilst in the market is the time of year. Some seasons, such as Spring have a much higher completion rate than others like Winter. Therefore, ensuring you are increasing your chances as much as possible is important. One question you may be asking yourself could be, why do houses sell better in the spring? There are actually many factors that come into play when answering this question. But, overall, the season offers the best service for the majority of buyers and sellers. If you don’t feel as though your home is up to scratch, you could consider a personal loan.

The Active Market

The new season naturally encourages buyers to search for new places, in order for a fresh start. As buyers begin coming out of the winter hibernation, you’ll start to see a steep increase in property demand. With the skies being brighter and the days being longer, the season is overall a more appealing time of year for the industry, therefore, making the market more active.

Your Home Looks More Appealing – Personal Loan

The sun is shining and the birds are singing, making the world feel like a better, happier place. With the days being longer and brighter, our homes begin to look more appealing to potential buyers, in-person and online. Nobody wants to be purchasing a house that has a dark and dull feeling. Therefore, if house viewings are occurring in the season’s peak, they’re more likely to have a positive outcome.

However, if your home is naturally dark or is positioned in a shaded area you might struggle to maximise the light. Thankfully, there are other options available. You could try lightening the walls, the floors, and even the furniture. Or, try adding more accessories to reflect light, for example, mirrors. If your budget doesn’t allow for any changes and the time to sell your home is limited, you could consider borrowing a personal loan. A personal loan will enable you to afford the necessary changes whilst repaying in monthly instalments. Although borrowing a personal loan shouldn’t be your first option, it is always available, even to those with bad credit.

Considering The Kids

A house move can be emotionally difficult and stressful for people of all ages, but with younger children not understanding completely, it could cause confusion. If you begin your purchase in spring, it’s likely that your move could occur before the new school year begins in September. Therefore, giving your child the chance to settle in before beginning at their new school.

Benefits of using a real estate agent when buying your new home

Benefits of using an agent | Help of getting a loan

When you are looking for a home under a budget, you would want to save every single Euro you can. When you are looking for something specific, a real estate agent is the best person to turn to. They may just know the perfect house to fit your needs. You need to ensure that you get your hands on the right one, this means looking at reviews and asking people on their opinion of any agents they have previously used. The last thing you want is to spend too much money on a professional, for them to then turn out to be a waste of money. If the best agent you can find is a little over budget, why not consider a loan? A loan from BingoLoans is something which you could borrow for up to 6 years. This means you have plenty of time to repay the borrowed money, giving you an easier experience.

Code of Ethics

Any real estate agent, whether they are under a real estate company or not must abide by their code of ethics. They are required to be honest about a home when they are dealing with a buyer.  This means you when you are looking through a house with an agent, you will be fully informed on its best features as well as its perks. The agent is required to inform the buyer s about the problems of a potential home. The code of ethics has the client’s interest at heart. The agents can face a fine or suspension for not following the code of ethics.

a loan for home


With a real estate agent, you can be sure to buy the property at the cheapest price possible. You may think that going through the houses online will give you a better deal but you are probably wrong. Experienced realtors know the value of a home as soon as they walk through it. They can tell whether a house is overpriced or underpriced. This way they can find an affordable house for you. In the cases where sellers don’t put up their sale notice on the internet, they hire a real estate agent.  You may find your perfect home under a real estate agency with minimal competition.

Will a loan help with repairs?

When you move into a home you bought of the owner, it can be hard to request a few changes here and there. The previous homeowner might have moved further away. You are less likely to get any repairs done to your new home.  Before moving to a house bought under an agency, the realtor will make sure a home inspector provides a report on the problems with the house. For serious issues, they request for repairs form the agency. Although, this doesn’t include just general improvements including DIY. So, maybe in this case too, a loan might be perfect. Simple Personal Loans offer home improvement loans to ensure that you are entirely happy with the look and feel of your home. With a loan like this, you are able to borrow up to £35,000 and repay it over the course of 6 years.


When you are buying a home, the paperwork can be tiresome and hard to deal with.  You have to fill a tone of paperwork, reading through it so you don’t miss a single detail. With a real estate agent, you can save your time and energy. They know every single detail about the house and the paperwork and will help you go through it fast.

Specific Features

If you are looking for a specific feature in a home, a real estate agency is the best place to turn to.  If you are looking for a house with a pool, a home office or any specific feature, you are likely to find one under a real estate agency.  Realtors are more aware of home features than houses sold on the internet. Agents are also very helpful when it comes to negotiating with the previous homeowners.  When you are short on a few hundred or thousand Pounds, the realtor will negotiate your way into your dream house.


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Everything you need to know about starting a real estate investment

Starting a real estate investment

Real estate investment has the potential to bring in a lot of money. Owning real estate can provide you with a lifetime of benefits.  Starting a new investment can be expensive, especially if you lack proper information about the housing market. There are plenty of factors you need to consider when starting an investment, from whether you have the money to if you have the time. Your finances play a huge role in your actions and what you are wanting to do, so it is important you know what you’re doing.

Real estate investment requires a lot of commitment to your finances.  If you don’t manage your finances properly, you may lose everything you have. Before investing in real estate, make sure you settle your loans, credit and debt. The less the commitments you have to your income, the more real estate you will be able to purchase.  With little credit and debts, you will be able to save money that may help you purchase a home sooner. If you need any extra help with your finances and their management, visit BingoLoans or The Money Advice Service.

finances with homeIf you do not own a home, your first real estate purchase should be a home that you want to live in. Renting a home is more expensive compared to buying one and this will help you more when it comes to saving for real estate investment.  Once you have enough savings, you can start accumulating one rental house at a time. Make sure you research enough before investing in a home. Look for houses with prices that fit within your budget and make sure they are in a good neighbourhood. Don’t invest in houses without investigating on their conditions. If you buy a house in bad condition, you will incur a loss trying to fix it. Buy a home under a real estate agency for a safer bet. Under a real estate agency, you will get the best prices of houses in good conditions

Before investing in real estate, makes sure you have as little debt as possible. Your mortgage, payment, taxes and insurance should not be more than your potential earnings. Once you pay off your loans, you can start saving for a second real estate investment

Investing in real estate has its benefits.  Rental houses can generate a high amount of cash flow. You can turn your residence into an asset by renting an out extra space. If you have extra profit, it takes care of mortgage and house expenses.  Investing in real estate can be a good investment for the future. Housing values are appreciating with time. The longer you own a property, the more it continues to generate and its worth increases. An owned home is leverage and collateral. A paid mortgage gives you good credit and consequently increases the chances of receiving bigger loans.

Getting started on a home investment is hard and the scaling is even harder. To be a real estate investor, you will need time and money.  You have to have time to research, analyze and go through several homes to make the perfect purchase. You will face challenges regarding your property, money and paying off your loans and credit. Even though the risks can be high, and waiting for the rewards may belong, you are guaranteed to reach your goals at the end. You should look at homes which have already been renovated and improved so you get the best deal.


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